Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sunshine in my Soul!

      I have realized that I have not written in awhile. Partly because I'm super busy and partly because what my brain has learned the past few months, couldn't possibly fit on one measly blog. One year ago I decided to move home permanently until my kidney function was better and I got my education done. I am still working on both of these things. I was struggling with the reality of everything. I did not want to move back home and had made fun of the people who had stayed in Duncan and never left and I was becoming one of them. I had moved around from Thatcher to Las Cruces to Colorado to Tucson, but I was coming back. I felt like I had failed. I also did not have a good relationship with my Savior at the time and did not realize how much I was missing. I also started dating the biggest jerk who had me fooled into thinking he was a swell guy. Needless to say that last August, I was a hot mess! So I started following words I had heard a lot of my life and had got me through some trials awhile back, "fake it till you make it!" So I smiled through and life was going okay. I had an awesome job and worked with people I liked. I had started volunteering for things to keep me busy and I volunteered to help with the PTA breakfast and cheer camp. I didn't know it but it was going to save me. I started volunteering as a cheer coach after that and fell in love with everything that I loved about cheer in high school except this time I had the opportunity to make a difference in a teenage girls life. The lady I coached with would always talk about how I should pray for things and I hate when people tell me what to pray for. So I got super frustrated but then I looked at the positive flipside of that. If I started just praying again would my relationship be better with my Heavenly Father? All of you are thinking well DUH! For me, it was an eye opening experience! I prayed to my Heavenly Father more than I ever had one night and I loved the way I felt. It was also the month that my kidney numbers jumped down significantly and I felt like that had a huge part in it. I now live my life in constant prayer. I still don't pray about what people tell me to because only I can determine what is important to my heart and sometimes I think Heavenly Father let's us figure things out on our own. I am thankful for that coach though that has taught me the extreme need and the beautiful power of prayer. I have noticed when I'm not in constant communication with my Father in Heaven I lose patience quickly and struggle getting daily tasks done. If you are struggling with the "why me? Syndrome" or you can't find peace anywhere. I strongly urge you to find it through our loving God. I'm not telling you to pray but find ways everyday that can bring you closer to Him. I guarantee He wants to hear from you! This week I am headed to cheer camp and I couldn't be more excited! To say that cheer saved my life sounds super corny and I could of made it without it, but did cheer help me feel peace in a world full of girl drama? Yes! God Bless You All!! :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

As I wait...

   Today I am sitting in a doctor's office... This is a common occurrence in my life now. I probably spend more time waiting for results than I actually do hearing them. In July I was diagnosed with degenerative kidney disease. This is not the proper name for it, but what it is is that my own body is rejecting the kidneys that I was born with. I haven't told a lot of people because it's just not my style. I would rather be happy and make others happy than to have them feel sorry for me. This is something I have to deal with. So anyways, back to waiting... As I wait I have reflected a lot. I would first like to say I love who I am. I love my personality and I know I have a lot to give to the world. I haven't ever truly felt this except the last couple months or so. I also love the knowledge that I have of being a Child of God, not only that but a beautiful daughter of a loving Heavenly Father who loves me in all of my craziness. This past year I have felt weak, pathetic, and just plain stupid. I have struggled with the thought of living in my small town alone. I always imagined coming back to Duncan with a husband and maybe a couple kids. Not single. I have struggled with not having that companionship because it would be so nice to have a man to hold my hand and to walk through this challenge together.  I know that I am going to make an awesome wife and mother someday. I know that my man is looking for me just as much as I'm looking for him. The purpose of this post is not for anyone to feel sorry for me or to set me up on blind dates but to inform myself that I'm okay. I still love to laugh. I have learned I still love to cheer and am so thankful that I have been assistant coaching this year. It brings me such joy and it helps distract me from my sometimes negative self. I still love Duncan despite all the drama. I love being a Wildkat and am so proud of how I was raised.I still love going for drives and blasting my Country music. I love my family. I have had so much support from my parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I love myself and who I am. I hope each of you love who you are and know who you are. I love each one of you that took the time to read this dramatic rant! Please be kind and love everyone you come in contact with. Please see the light in everyone you see.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Leapin' Lizards!

Well hello again everyone that actually reads this blog! I felt like it was probably time to update my blog and just let you all know what I have been doing since my last post!

1. Bought a car!! I don't know if I told you this in my last post, but he is a beauty! His name is Frank, but Poncho when he is dirty! I still smile every time I see him! Oh and for all you wonderers, he is pretty much the only man in my life at the moment! ;) crossing our fingers that that will change soon! HAHA!

2. I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease- I did not post this because I wanted sympathy or the "Wo, is me"... I just wanted my friends and family to know what was going on in that department. Apparently, only 30 percent of my kidney is actually functioning. So I am on some cholesterol medication and a strict low protein diet to hopefully bring my kidney function up. Please no "I will pray for you" comments at the bottom. Yes, prayers are always good, but lets keep them personal, k?

3. I moved to Tucson!! I started my new job June 7, 2013. I love living in Tucson. I even love the heat. After living in Colorado for a year, 105 is feelin' mighty fine! My best friend lives here and we have already had a blast! The kids are great and we are slowly but surely getting into a routine. For right now, lets call them J and R. I like keeping some mystery in my life.

So the title... "Leapin Lizards," is not only R's summer camp group name, but the boys are from VA and they have been obsessed with all the lizards we have in AZ. It has cracked me up. Where we live, we have seen tons of lizards, quail, doves, and a couple deer. Oh! and a Roadrunner, musn't forget! We were all stoked about that one. So, while we have been so obsessed about lizards, I have gathered a lot of knowledge about them. Are you guys ready for a quick science lesson? What would a future teacher's blog be if it didn't have a quick lesson.
This is a Zebra-Tailed Lizard. They are everywhere where we live. They are super cool and stealthy, as most lizards are. J and I have found out that these lizards like the hottest weather and they will sleep on pavement in the middle of the night. Their tails are actually for their predators because if the predator grabs the flashy tail the lizard can grow back another one. Pretty cool stuff, right? Can you tell I nanny a 6 year old boy? Yeah I love it! Have a freakin' amazing day! :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy!

I decided that I should update my blog... These are a few things that have changed in my life.

1. I moved back home. That's right! Back in the metropolis of D-town! I now spend my nights watch Duck Dynasty and playing Scrabble with my parents.

2. I started school. I am attending Grand Canyon University online. GO ANTELOPES! You guessed it, we are definitely tough! Ok, we might not be tough, but we can run faster than all ya'll, unless you are the Home of the Cheetahs... AnyWHOO! I am majoring in Special Education. I am super excited and I am doing great in my classes so far.

3. I bought a car!! Yep, thats right people! You are looking at an adult that just bought a car. Ok, I am not anywhere close to an adult and I am still very ok with you calling me a kid, but I am now the proud owner of a Nissan Sentra! YAY me!!

4. I am OBSESSED with Duck Dynasty. At first I thought it was stupid, but now I love it! It makes me "happy, happy, happy." If you haven't watched it then you will not understand that quote. I walk around saying Duck Dynasty quotes. Mostly, talking about yuppies and saying, "Get back, Jack!"

Anyways thats all thats new. Maybe next post it will actually be clever and funny, but HEY I ain't promisin anything, Jack!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Satisfied September

      To start off todays blog I would just like to tell everyone HELLO!!!!!!! Life is going amazing! As you may have read from some of my Facebook updates I am on a journey to losing weight! My goal: 100 lbs!! I know it is going to be a long journey, full of ups and downs, but it will be worth it! I feel amazing already! I have lost about 25 ish pounds since I moved here and I am ready for 100 more! I am seeing a Food Coach and he is such an amazing guy! Ok well wish me luck on that!
      Alrighty then!! More on my life... I will sum up my wonderful September! I have had challenges here in Colorado, don't think its all sunshine and butterflies, but I refuse to talk about depressing things on Chelsi Cheerful Blog! September was a super busy and fun month! I have been making more and more friends here! I have been making friends with the "Mormon Moms" as I like to call them and we have gone on a couple of playdates with them. I also got called to be in the Nursery at church so my life is always full of children! I love it! Paxton and I have had so much fun with our new music class, his new gymnastics class, and as always going to the library! He got to ride Thomas the Train a couple weekends ago. Then the next weekend we all got to go as a family and ride the Georgetown train. He loves trains! We went to Denver this past weekend and had a blast! We went to the Denver Nature and Science Museum. We went to Benihanas which is my new favorite restaurant! Shane pretended that it was my birthday and I got a free dessert out of the deal! (For all the people that just asked what about her diet? it is good to work in a few of those kind of treats or I am just going to gain all of the weight back if I dont allow myself to have a few sweets!) Then we went and watched Finding Nemo 3D! Paxton loved it! Then the Georgetown Train on Sunday and that was a blast!
   Also in September we went up in the middle of nowhere and stayed at a cabin and got to see all the fall colors which I have never really seen. (AZ is green then brown.) The cabin and colors were amazing! Well that is about it! The computer isn't uploading pictures, but I will figure it out soon!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Latest Adventures of the Haught Nanny...

Hey Y'all!!! I have very few things to tell you, but people keep bugging me about keeping up with my blog, so here I am!! Since today was the day that Marty time traveled, I guess I'll go back in time and review my Colorado adventures...

1) I DYED MY HAIR!!! My Hair is now Teal, Purple, Blue. This is a crazy big deal for me!! The funniest part is that all the old ladies at church love it!! This picture isn't great, but I promise they are all there!!

2) COUNTRY JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to see Brantley Gilbert, Chris Young, Luke Bryan, Trace Adkins, Jerrod Neimann, Justin Moore, Charlie Daniels Band, and Blake Shelton!! I am so thankful for Shane and Amanda helping me go to Country Jam. Our seats were super close so you could check out all their butts haha!!!

Brantley Gilbert- Bad Boy Kind of Sexy ;)

Charlie Daniels- He said he's 75 and he's not quittin yet!! I, as a hard core country music fan, felt honored to be there!!

Blake Shelton- AMAZING CONCERT!!!!

Chris Young- can cute and sexy be all wrapped up into one?

Trace Adkins- Awesome Concert, still hate his nasty hair though :)

 Jerrod Neimann- Great Concert, he is a huge comedian! I hope he gets more famous! People would love his drinkin songs!

 Justin Moore- BEST WRANGLER BUTT EVER!!! BEST SOUTHERN ACCENT EVER!! YUM!! He is such a sweet person too!!!

Luke Bryan- I saved the BEST for last!! He gives an EPICALLY AWESOME concert! He is hilarious and out of all these attractive country boys he is the cream of the crop!!! He even sang Justin Beiber... still sexy!

So that was country jam!! I had so much fun!!! I didn't even get sunburnt! YAY!! Country Jam also included a couple firsts besides seeing all those guys in concert. I rode in a pedi (sp?) cab! Like the bicycle taxi cabs. I also bought my first shirt that says the word BEER! I know some of you might be offended! But I thought this shirt was hilarious especially because I don't drink at all and nor will I EVER!! SO its funny! I know I have twisted humor!

 This is me and the beautiful Amanda!!! She has taken the older sister role in my life!! I had so much fun with her!!!

This is me and my friend Nicole!! She is leaving me on Sunday to get married, but I love her!! She was my first friend here in Colorado!!

So that is all my adventures for now, but I did run into Bob and his hot wife at Country Jam! They love me and we danced together at one of the concerts!! SO FUN!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

4 months... ALREADY?!

This might not be completely blog worthy, but I hit my 4 month mark tomorrow!!!! HOORAY!!! My past month has been super busy!! I was so blessed to have my family come visit me for Memorial Day!! We had so much fun just driving around and talking and hiking around Rifle Falls!! It was so much fun!!! Then a day later Stephanie and her husband came and visited me!!! That was also so much fun!!!

I fall in love with Colorado more and more everyday! I love my job! It has its ups and downs, but what job doesn't!! I love my life here and the family that I have made in Colorado!! They are some of the best people I know!! I'm headed to Denver for the weekend and I can't wait to just have a weekend to chill even though I loved all the company!!

Rifle Falls