Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sunshine in my Soul!

      I have realized that I have not written in awhile. Partly because I'm super busy and partly because what my brain has learned the past few months, couldn't possibly fit on one measly blog. One year ago I decided to move home permanently until my kidney function was better and I got my education done. I am still working on both of these things. I was struggling with the reality of everything. I did not want to move back home and had made fun of the people who had stayed in Duncan and never left and I was becoming one of them. I had moved around from Thatcher to Las Cruces to Colorado to Tucson, but I was coming back. I felt like I had failed. I also did not have a good relationship with my Savior at the time and did not realize how much I was missing. I also started dating the biggest jerk who had me fooled into thinking he was a swell guy. Needless to say that last August, I was a hot mess! So I started following words I had heard a lot of my life and had got me through some trials awhile back, "fake it till you make it!" So I smiled through and life was going okay. I had an awesome job and worked with people I liked. I had started volunteering for things to keep me busy and I volunteered to help with the PTA breakfast and cheer camp. I didn't know it but it was going to save me. I started volunteering as a cheer coach after that and fell in love with everything that I loved about cheer in high school except this time I had the opportunity to make a difference in a teenage girls life. The lady I coached with would always talk about how I should pray for things and I hate when people tell me what to pray for. So I got super frustrated but then I looked at the positive flipside of that. If I started just praying again would my relationship be better with my Heavenly Father? All of you are thinking well DUH! For me, it was an eye opening experience! I prayed to my Heavenly Father more than I ever had one night and I loved the way I felt. It was also the month that my kidney numbers jumped down significantly and I felt like that had a huge part in it. I now live my life in constant prayer. I still don't pray about what people tell me to because only I can determine what is important to my heart and sometimes I think Heavenly Father let's us figure things out on our own. I am thankful for that coach though that has taught me the extreme need and the beautiful power of prayer. I have noticed when I'm not in constant communication with my Father in Heaven I lose patience quickly and struggle getting daily tasks done. If you are struggling with the "why me? Syndrome" or you can't find peace anywhere. I strongly urge you to find it through our loving God. I'm not telling you to pray but find ways everyday that can bring you closer to Him. I guarantee He wants to hear from you! This week I am headed to cheer camp and I couldn't be more excited! To say that cheer saved my life sounds super corny and I could of made it without it, but did cheer help me feel peace in a world full of girl drama? Yes! God Bless You All!! :)

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